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Action Colorado Membership

What does it mean to be a member of Action Colorado?

It means being an important part of a bigger community that gives a strong voice on the local, state, and federal levels. All Action Colorado members are service-driven, action-oriented leaders in whatever arena they operate. As you know, we are a non-partisan membership organization serving Southern and Rural Colorado. Members enjoy a powerful voice that is amplified by participation. We successfully work on public policy issues related to: Natural Resources (Agriculture, Water & Energy), Rural Economic Development, Education, Healthcare, Veteran Affairs and Local Government Affairs. 


What does membership bring you? 

As a member, you will be in the company of other leaders, business organizations, counties, municipalities, elected officials and nonprofit organizations. These connections are worth their weight in gold. Plus, you get the highly effective Action Colorado Team who are proven advocates for our communities. Members’ priorities come first for Action Colorado. We work with you to create a strategy that gets increased attention from decision makers, helps carry your message and connects you to successful outcomes.  


What does your Membership Include?

You will quickly find membership has its benefits.  Action Colorado is the "public policy muscle" for Southern and Rural Colorado and our toolbox for creating your strategy is extensive. Based on your needs, you can access:


Increased Presence in our Communities

  • Listening tour(s)

  • Stakeholder Meetings

  • Episode(s) of Making Action Happen

  • Access to Production Studio and design support

  • Sponsorship Opportunities


Legislative/Regulatory Advocacy

  • Coordinate Stakeholder Process

  • Board Consideration for Support (see our process below)

  • Strategy sessions 

  • Written or oral testimony when appropriate

  • Letters of support or written comments when appropriate


Additional Services

  • Strategy Consultation

  • Event Management/Planning    

  • Board Retreats

  • Podcast Commercial(s)


Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Event Sponsorship

  • Brand Recognition

  • Event Tickets

  • Presenter at Events

  • Podcast Sponsorship


Annual membership dues:

  • Individual           $200

  • 1-25 FTE             $500

  • 26-50 FTE          $750

  • 51-100 FTE         $1000 

  • 101-150 FTE        $1,500

  • Over 150 FTE    $2,000

*Sponsorships, special events or larger scale projects are not included

We purposely keep our dues low, so membership is more accessible. 


Our process:

  • Each Session we keep track of legislation which would impact our priorities and focus issues..Our members can request help on a project, or for us to take a position on legislation.

  • We work with members to determine what is needed most to address an issue and if it affects other members of Action Colorado.

  • If it falls within our focus areas, we bring it to the Board for consideration.

  • If approved, the board takes position and/or decides what action to take.


When evaluating proposed legislation or rule making, we are considering answers to the following:

  • What problem is the proposed policy trying to address?

  • Are our communities contributing to the problem?

  • What burden would this policy add or remove for our communities?

  • What quantifiable difference would the policy make in addressing the problem?


You are already interacting with Action Colorado on some level, consider this your opportunity to dramatically expand your network and influence, while lending your voice and expertise to strengthening our collective efforts. 



To join as an individual, click here:

To join as an organization, please email

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