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From Action 22 to Action Colorado

We acknowledge that it is not enough to just take a position on issues, we need to lead the way in determining what action should be taken. We will help create, implement, and optimize solutions that are beneficial for Coloradans outside the Denver Metro area, ensuring that their voice is heard by our elected officials and public policy decision makers.

Our new structure invites more key players to the table based not only on geographic location, but areas of expertise as well.  This expanded structure will also ensure that the stakeholder process is honored in decision making.

Our Mission

To represent and take action on the unique needs and issues of Colorado stakeholders who live and/or operate outside of the Denver Metro area.  We operate through a nonpartisan lens to be strategically impactful on behalf of our members, predominately rooted in Rural and Southern Colorado.


The new structure was designed by the Action 22 Board of Directors.  It includes our leadership and 5 committees: 

Sara Blackhurst, President/CEO

Brian McCain, COO

Agriculture-James Ehrlich, Chair

Veterans-Brian McCain, Chair

Infrastructure-Rick Klein, Chair

  • Energy

  • Broadband

  • Transportation

  • Environmental Regulation

Local Government- Kevin Grantham, Chair

  • Land Use

  • Tax Policy

  • Public Safety

  • Homelessness

Economic Development-Carlton Croft, Chair

  • Workforce

  • Housing

  • Education

  • Healthcare

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